With a population of over 165,000 Toowoomba is the most populous inland city in the country after the national capital, Canberra. It is also referred to as the capital of the Darling Downs.

Toowoomba is an ideal location for the ASCILITE conference. Beautiful one day, perfect the next, Toowoomba has a fabulous warm temperate climate ideal for outdoor living all year round with temperatures in December ranging from 16 to 28 degrees celsius and with 60% humidity.

While attending the conference, delegates will be able to experience ‘The Garden City’ by taking advantage of Toowoomba’s 150 public parks and gardens, including the award winning Japanese Gardens at USQ. Toowoomba also offers conference delegates a number of heritage listed sites to enjoy including Empire Theatre, Queens Park, and Toowoomba Railway Station.

Numerous unique attractions await you once you get to Toowoomba, all delivered with authentic country hospitality. For further information on what Toowoomba has to offer, visit:

Watch the conference blog for posts that will help you plan your visit to Toowoomba, from finding a place to have a beer to planning activities you can do either side of the conference.

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