Registration desk opens H102
Tea and coffee available in the exhibition Refectory
8.30am – 9am
Session title Presenters Type Location
Welcome session Chair: Professor Helen Partridge Welcome H102
9am – 10am
Session title Presenters Type Location
Keynote address: From blended learning to analytics: Why we keep getting IT wrong? Professor James Arvanitakis Keynote H102
10am – 10.30am
Morning tea Refectory
10.30am – 11am
Session title Presenters Type Location
Addressing inconsistency in use of the LMS: A collaborative approach Elizabeth Masterman Full paper H102
Using threshold concepts about online teaching to support novice online teachers: Designing professional development guidelines to individually assist academic staff (“me”) and collectively guide the institution (“us”) Maria Northcote, Kevin Gosselin, Peter Kilgour, Catherine McLoughlin, Chris Boddey Full paper R113
Competence-based assessment and digital badging as guidance in vocational teacher education Sanna Brauer, Pirkko Siklander Full paper L206
Evaluating the sustainability of tablet devices in blended learning Cynthia Nicholas Palikat, Paul Gruba Full paper L209
A learning analytics view of students’ use of self-regulation strategies for essay writing Kelly Trezise, Paula de Barba, David Jennens, Alexander Zarebski, Robert Russo, Gregor Kennedy Full paper C204
11am – 11.30am
Session title Presenters Type Location
Me, Us and IT: Insiders’ views of the complex technical, organisational and personal elements in using virtual worlds in education Sue Gregory, Brent Gregory, Denise Wood, Scott Grant, Sasha Nikolic et al Full paper H102
CMALT cMOOC: Developing a scalable lecturer professional development framework Thomas Cochrane, Vickel Narayan Full paper R113
A framework for the analysis, comparison and evaluation of e-assessment systems Pedro Isaias, Paula Miranda, Sarah Pifano Full paper L206
Blended learning as a disruption in a vocational education building program Meg Colasante, Cathy Hall-van den Elsen Full paper L209
Recipes for institutional adoption of a teacher-driven learning analytics tool: Case studies from three Australian universities Lorenzo Vigentini, Elsuida Kondo, Kevin Samnick, Danny Liu, Deb King, Adam Bridgeman Full paper C204
11.30am – 12pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Challenges and tensions in the role of the LMS for medical education: Time for the “next generation LMS”? Jill Lyall, Katharina Freund, Alexandra Webb Full paper H102
A framework for program wide curriculum transformation Angela Nicolettou, Andrea Chester, Spiros Soulis Full paper R113
A cross-disciplinary evaluation of digitally recorded feedback in higher education Michael Phillips, Tracii Ryan, Michael Henderson Full paper L206
Variations in coherence and engagement in students’ experience of blended learning Feifei Han, Robert Ellis Full paper L209
Analysing the learning pathways of students in a large flipped engineering course Carl Reidsema, Hassan Khosravi, Melanie Fleming, Lydia Kavanagh, Nick Achilles, Esther Fink Full paper C204
12pm – 1.30pm
Lunch Refectory
12.15pm – 1.15pm
1.30pm – 1.50pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Monash Rocks: The first step in an augmented reality journey through deep time Barbara Macfarlan, Marion Anderson, Julie Boyce, Tom Chandler, Thomas Bochynek, Mike Yeates, Colin Maynard Concise paper H102
Improving the undergraduate science experience through an evidence-based framework for design, implementation and evaluation of flipped learning Yvonne Davila, Elaine Huber, Jorge Reyna, Peter Meier Concise paper R113
A learning analytics pilot in Moodle and its impact on developing organisational capacity in a university Jean-Christophe Froissard, Danny Liu, Deborah Richards, Amara Atif Concise paper L206
Quantext: Analysing student responses to short-answer questions Jenny McDonald, Adon Moskal Concise paper L209
Me in a minute: A simple strategy for developing and showcasing personal employability Trina Jorre de St Jorre, Liz Johnson, Gypsy O’Dea Concise paper C204
1.50pm – 2.10pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Visualising mixed reality simulation for multiple users Michael Cowling, James Birt Concise paper H102
Using an e-authoring tool (H5P) to support blended learning: Librarians’ experience Sarika Singh, Kirstin Scholz Concise paper R113
Defining “data” in conversations with students about the ethical use of learning analytics Abi Brooker, Linda Corrin, Negin Mirriahi, Josie Fisher Concise paper L206
Knowing when to target students with timely academic learning support: Not a minefield with data mining Elizabeth McCarthy Concise paper L209
Social media in enabling education Susan Hopkins Concise paper C204
2.10pm – 2.30pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Using virtual and augmented reality to study architectural lighting James Birt, Patricia Manyuru, Jonathan Nelson Concise paper H102
Explaining learning achievement in student experience of blended learning: What can a sociomaterial perspective contribute? Feifei Han, Robert Ellis Concise paper R113
Understanding students’ views on feedback to inform the development of technology-supported feedback systems Linda Corrin, Paula de Barba Concise paper L206
Transforming exams: How IT works for BYOD e-exams Mathew Hillier, Andrew Fluck Concise paper L209
2.30pm – 3pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Get to know the ASCILITE SIGs (Special Interest Groups) Hazel Jones, Colin Simpson, Mathew Hillier, Thomas Cochrane, Cassandra Colvin, Linda Corrin, Sakinah Alhadad, Julie Willems, Leanne Cameron ASCILITE session H102
Learning analytics: What’s in it for me (the teacher) and us (myself and my students)? Cathy Gunn, Claire Donald, Jenny McDonald Lightning round R113
Micro-credentialing is the future of higher education Ekaterina Pechenkina, Juliet Buchanan Debate L206
Lightning talks

Becoming an AJET author or reviewer Michael Henderson, Eva Heinrich, Petrea Redmond ASCILITE session C204
3pm – 3.30pm
Afternoon tea Refectory
3.30pm – 4.30pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Dramaturgy: A sociological perspective for conceptualising Me. Us. IT in the context of online learning Dawn Gilmore Experimental session H102
Technology enhanced academic development: Exploring approaches for professional learning in higher education Katharina Freund, Sarah Thorneycroft, Emily Rutherford, David Bruce Porter, Carole Hunter Open fishbowl R113
Future happens: Hack your way to influencing and changing pedagogical and technological strategy and practice Peter Bryant Experimental session L209
Critical perspectives on mobile AR and VR from the ASCILITE Mobile Learning SIG Thomas Cochrane, Helen Farley, Claudio Aguayo, James Birt, Michael Cowling, Roger Edmonds ASCILITE session L209
Playing the education system: Competing, exploring, socialising, distrupting, but always engaging Dan Laurence Experimental session T120
4.30pm – 5.30pm
Welcome reception Refectory
6pm – 7.30pm
Schools night Refectory
6pm – 8.30pm
Star gazing R113 and Gumbi Gumbi Gardens
6.30pm onwards
Dine around Various
Registration desk opens H102
Tea and coffee available in the exhibition Refectory
7.30am – 8.30am
ASCILITE Conference first timers’ breakfast Refectory
9am – 9.30am
Session title Presenters Type Location
Welcome and ASCILITE awards Chair: Welcome H102
9.30am – 10.30am
Session title Presenters Type Location
Keynote address: Robotics in the future of work Marita Cheng Keynote H102
10.30am – 11am
Morning tea Refectory
11am – 11.20am
Session title Presenters Type Location
The effect of digital game-based language learning mobile application on the development of complexity, accuracy, and fluency in foreign language monologic oral production among Chinese Learners of English as a Foreign Language Feifei Han, Zehua Wang Concise paper H102
The power of Us: Investigating the value of interaction and community in postgraduate studies Oriel Kelly, Nuhisifa Seve-Williams, Binky Laureta, Keshni Kumar Concise paper R113
Key success factors to implementing an active learning platform Megan Duffy, Jenny James, Chris Campbell, Jude Williams Concise paper L206
OER based capacity building to overcome staff equity and access issues in higher education Carina Bossu, Julie Willems Concise paper L209
Us and IT: Capacity-building for blended learning – an intersection between educator, pedagogy, and technology Kaye Cleary, Gayani Samarawickrema, Sally Gauci Concise paper C204
Framing the digitally capable university: Digital literacies as shared scholarly and professional practice Fiona Salisbury, John Hannon, Jennifer Peasley Concise paper T125
11.20am – 11.40am
Session title Presenters Type Location
Developing virtual collaborative health team educational environments Thomas Cochrane, Todd Stretton, Stephen Aiello, Sally Britnell, Duncan Christie, Stuart Cook, Vickel Narayan Concise paper H102
The combined effects of physical and virtual models in learning cellular biology Jinlu Wu Hong, Van Nguyen, Rulin Chen, Pui Yee Fiona Fan, Kar Jun Loh Concise paper R113
The synergistic and dynamic relationship between learning design and learning analytics Dirk Ifenthaler, David Gibson, Eva Dobozy Concise paper L206
Digital equity: Diversity, inclusion and access for incarcerated students in a digital age Helen Farley, Julie Willems Concise paper L209
Enhancing the role of pedagogical beliefs in TPACK-based professional development Lis Conde, Linda Corrin, Kristine Elliott, Gregor Kennedy Concise paper C204
Facilitating social learning through learning design: A perspective of collaborative academic development Chie Adachi, Julia Savage Marcus O’Donnell Concise paper T125
11.40am – 12pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Mobile learning and speech technology for language teachers’ professional development: A design-based study Tran Le Nghi Tran Concise paper H102
Developing a technology enhanced learning framework to gain a snapshot of institutional successes and challenges Mark Bailye, Caroline Steel, Michael Sankey Concise paper R113
“One size does not fit all”: Towards cultural adaptivity in learning management systems Joy Galaige, Geraldine Torrisi-Steele Concise paper L206
Face-to-face and virtual mathematics enrichment for rural schools: Intersection of teachers, students, technology and pedagogy Linda Galligan, Ron Addie, Linda Stern, Taryn Axelsen Concise paper L209
A Community of Inquiry approach to learning design in a community-engaged learning program Glenn Mason, Brahm Marjadi, Kashmira Dave Concise paper C204
What’s in a name? The ambiguity and complexity of technology enhanced learning roles Kate Mitchell, Colin Simpson, Chie Adachi Concise paper T125
12pm – 12.30pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
The Student Relationship Engagement System: Empowering teachers to collect, analyse, and act on meaningful data to engage students at scale Danny Liu, Kevin Samnick, Ruth Weeks, Adam Bridgeman Innovation Award H102
Online professional learning: Lessons, challenges, opportunities Jonathan Powles, Shelley Kinash, Aliya Steed, Jennifer Lawrence Open fishbowl R113
Lightning talks

The ASCILITE Community Mentoring Program: Building capacity in technology enhanced teaching and research Helen Farley ASCILITE session L209
Improving transnational and industry-supported student engagement through immersive videoconferencing in a 3D virtual environment Sasha Nikolic, Mark Lee, Christian Ritz, Farzad Safaei, Tom Goldfinch, Wanqing Li Innovation Award (2016) C204
12.30pm – 1.30pm
Lunch Refectory
12.45pm – 1.15pm
TEL Edvisor SIG chat R113
1.30pm – 3pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Exploratory panel: Privacy, trust, student data, and the university Barney Dalgarno (chair), Jasmine Thomas, Kate Young, Kirsty Kitto, Allan Christie Panel H102 and free online session – no registration required!
3pm – 3.45pm
Afternoon tea Refectory
Poster viewing

3.45pm – 4.45pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Are learning analytics leading us towards a utopian or dystopian future, and what can we as practitioners do to influence this? Cassandra Colvin, Malcom Burt, Sue Gregory, Cathy Gunn, David Jones, Gregor Kennedy, Dirk Ifenthaler, Greg Thompson ASCILITE session H102
Learning Design SIG Eva Dobozy, Leanne Cameron ASCILITE session R113
2017 Year of Open: Is it worth celebrating in Australia? Amelia Dowe, Tamara Heck, Neil Martin, Adrian Stagg, Catherine Wattiaux Open fishbowl L206
Transforming exams: Stories from across Australia: ASCILITE e-Assessment SIG Mathew Hillier, Andrew Fluck, Michael Cowling, Kenneth Howah, Matt Bower, Scott Grant, Amy Hubbell ASCILITE session L209
Assuring quality online learning: The ASCILITE Technology Enhanced Learning Accreditation Scheme (TELAS) Dominique Parrish ASCILITE session C204
Speed editing with an AJET editor AJET Editorial Team ASCILITE session T125
6.15pm – 11pm
Dinner Picnic Point
Registration desk opens H102
Tea and coffee available in the exhibition Refectory
9.30am – 10.30am
Session title Presenters Type Location
Keynote address: Internet of Things, technology and our future Amber Case Keynote H102
10.30am – 11am
Morning tea Refectory
 11am – 11.30am
Session title Presenters Type Location
The pedagogy-technology nexus: Bridging the divide between academic and student perspectives on educational technologies Karin Barac, Sarah Prestridge, Katherine Main Full paper H102
Flipping diverse classrooms: Instructor experiences and perceptions Ekaterina Pechenkina Full paper R113
Generating learning through the crowd: The role of social media practices in supporting students as producers at scale Peter Bryant Full paper L206
By design: Facing the academic challenges of implementing technology enhanced learning in higher education and the example of a third year biology unit Brett Fyfield, Iwona Czaplinski Full paper L209
Using the perceptions of online university students to improve the pedagogy and practice of distance educators: Them helping us to improve IT David Bolton, Maria Northcote, Peter Kilgour, Jason Hinze Full paper C204
The role of IT in prisoner education Jane Garner Full paper T125
11.30am – 12pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
The changing nature of student engagement during a digital learning task Paul Wiseman, Jason Lodge, Amaël Arguel, Gregor Kennedy Full paper H102
Online global collaboration: Affordances and inhibitors Julie Lindsay, Petrea Redmond Full paper R113
Metaphors postgraduates use to depict their student experience: Individual, community and digital presence Shelley Kinash, Linda Crane, Gary Hamlin, Amy Bannatyne Full paper L206
From how to why: Student experiences of a university’s technology-enhanced learning over five years Carol Russell Full paper L209
Women and rural people’s participation in tertiary education through internet resources in India: A narrative inquiry Sandeep Kaur Sandhu Full paper C204
Developing an Australian Open Educational Practice SIG Carina Bossu, Adrian Stagg ASCILITE session T125
12pm – 12.30pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Internet of Things (IoT), PBL and 3D holographic modelling for smart agriculture education at The University of Queensland Kim Bryceson, Amando Navas Borrero, Fabian Vasuian Full paper H102
Using Cultural-Historical Activity Theory to describe a university-wide blended learning Initiative Anselm Paul Full paper R113
Student generated multimedia for supporting learning in an undergraduate physiotherapy course Susan Coulson, Jessica Frawley Full paper L206
It takes a village: Supporting the integration of digital textbooks in higher education Debborah Smith Full paper L209
Constructive alignment of materials in tertiary programs Sook Jhee Yoon, Paul Gruba Full paper C204
Developing a Digital Equity SIG Julie Willems, Helen Farley, Chris Campbell ASCILITE session T125
12.30pm – 1.30pm
Lunch Refectory
1.30pm – 2.30pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Closing address: Reflecting on the past and imagining the future Barney Dalgarno H102
2.30pm – 3.30pm
Closing reception Courtyard

Three post conference workshops will run on Thursday 7 December. Please note these are not included in the conference registration. Separate registration is required. More information about workshops.

Registration desk opens R Block Level 1
10am – 1pm
Session title Presenters Type Location
Workshop 1: It’s Pedagogy GO with location-based mobile learning games Roger Edmonds Workshop Z125
10am – 1.30pm
Workshop 2: Transforming exams – hands on with the technology Mathew Hillier, Andrew Fluck, Martin Coleman Workshop T125
10am – 4pm
Workshop 3: Mobile virtual reality Thomas Cochrane and David Sinfield Workshop T122