Personalised online professional learning on digital literacies for in-service teachers of English as a second language

Lightning talks 2

Trisha Poole
University of Southern Queensland

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Tuesday 5 December, 12pm – 12.30pm
Stream 3
Room L206


This Lightening Talk presents an overview of a study that is focused on developing a framework for personalised online professional learning (POPL) on digital literacies for in-service teachers of English as a second language, and the associated development and implementation principles. Two key issues of digital literacies and digital literacies in language teacher education are addressed through developing POPL that is provided over an extended timeframe, is situated, is personalised, and is social. These four key features of the POPL are critical to its implementation and differentiation from other professional learning. In particular, the personalised aspect of the POPL is framed around the participant being provided with opportunities to personalise the content and their experience to their context and situation. That is, the participants can “choose their own adventure” through engaging with materials and selecting the learning path that aligns best with and facilitates their learning. The personalisation in the online space provides a new perspective on professional learning that tailors the experience to the learner-identified needs. Through these aspects of the POPL, it is expected that the professional learning will be effective in developing in-service ESL teachers’ own digital literacies and integrating digital literacies into their ESL curriculum.

About the authors

Trisha Poole

Trisha has worked in higher education for more than 15 years and throughout this time has focused on educational technologies and English as a second language. Her roles in higher education have included both academic and professional positions. Currently, Trisha is studying her PhD in education with the topic of “Personalised Online Professional Learning on Digital Literacies for In-service English as a Second Language Teachers”. Her PhD brings together her experience in ESL teaching and teacher training, and her passion for technology and digital literacies.