Developing an Australian Open Educational Practice SIG

ASCILITE session

Carina Bossu
University of Tasmania

Adrian Stagg
University of Southern Queensland

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Wednesday  6 December, 11.30am – 12pm
Stream 6
Room T125


There have been some important Open Educational Practices (OEP) developments in Australia, but unfortunately the potential of OEP to meet some of the national and institutional targets has not been fully realised and acknowledged yet. This session will attempt to engage the ASCILITE community in discussions around the issues related to OEP at individual, institutional, and national levels.
This will also be an important opportunity to establish the foundations of a national Special Interest Group (SIG) in OEP in Australia. This group would provide practitioners, researchers, and advocates a platform for collaboration, support and development, not only at individual level, but also institutionally and nationally. Outcomes of this presentation would be:

  • to further engage the ASCILITE community in this topic;
  • to establish the basis for a SIG in OEP;
  • to start a conversation about the role that the SIG could play in Australia;
  • to provide OEP with a national representation at higher education level, which could in turn further progress OEP in Australia.

About the authors

Carina Bossu

Dr Carina Bossu is a Lecturer, Learning & Teaching (OEP) with the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching at the University of Tasmania. Her current work and research are primarily focused on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) in higher education, more specifically issues related to learning, teaching and professional development. Previously, she was a Research Fellow with the Distance Education HUB (DEHub) at the University of New England.

Adrian Stagg

Adrian Stagg is currently the Manager (Open Educational Practice) for the University of Southern Queensland. His career has included over 14 years in both public and academic libraries, as well as positions as a Learning Technologist and eLearning Designer. Adrian holds a Master of Applied Science (Library and Information Management). His interest in Open Educational Practice has prompted the commencement of a PhD at the University of Tasmania focusing on the practitioner experience in the reuse of Open Educational Resources. His research areas include the ecology of open educational practice and higher education policy as it relates to and supports, open educational initiatives.