StudyWISE intensive: Designing and embedding an online module into an institution-wide strategy

Poster 14

Vanessa Todd
Macquarie University

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Tuesday 5 December 3pm – 3.45pm

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How to support (potentially) high numbers of students affected by a new academic progressions policy? And how could this fit into the wider ecology of support offered by the university? StudyWISE Intensive is an online module supporting students struggling in their studies, designed to revise key academic literacy skills and habits of mind. This poster showcases the pedagogical and UX design decisions used in this module to encourage user engagement and persistence. It further describes the wider ecology of institutional support and the ways in which StudyWISE Intensive has been embedded into the workflows and processes developed to support these students, in response to the new academic progression policy at a metropolitan Australian university.

About the authors

Vanessa Todd

As a member of the Learning Skills team at Macquarie University, Vanessa Todd designs, develops and delivers resources (stand-alone and embedded, online and face-to-face) around academic literacies. With a background in EAP, academic literacy and language testing, Vanessa is interested in learning design, user experience design, visualisation and games for learning in higher education. Her current focus is developing online resources supporting at-risk students.