Conference dinner

We are pleased to announce that this year’s conference dinner will be held at beautiful Picnic Point, with magnificent views over the Lockyer Valley.

In keeping with ASCILITE traditions, the dinner will be held on Tuesday evening with pre-dinner drinks and entertainment starting at 6.15pm, just in time for stunning sunset views.

The theme for this year’s dinner is Open.

For many years, ASCILITE has been a supporter of open access, open education, and open publishing, so it makes sense for the organisation to support an open dinner.

We invite you to draw on the Open principles Remix, Reuse, Repurpose, to assemble your evening attire by purchasing clothing from an op shop, or similar. You may like to scour your wardrobes and dust off (repurpose) that (retained) Year 12 outfit, best man’s suit, or remix clothes. Or perhaps remix your father’s favourite tie with a favourite shirt to create a new ensemble that will draw looks of open admiration. For those of you who are a perhaps less courageous, consider adding an accessory to your favourite outfit to fit with the repurpose and remix theme.

The theme is drawn from three of the ‘Five R’s’ of openness.  When educators use free and openly licenced content, they are able to:

  • Retain – keep a copy of the resource
  • Redistribute – to share it with an audience
  • Remix – to combine it with other openly licenced resources to create new material
  • Revise – to alter or update the resource (often to suit local contexts)
  • Repurpose – to change the format or context of the resource.

You will be welcomed on the red carpet as you join fellow delegates in a night of wining, dining, dancing and merriment.

Vocalist and USQ student Jessica Berwick will provide the soundtrack for drinks and canapes. Later in the evening, seven piece Brisbane band RUSH will entertain us and provide the sound track to inspire your dance floor grooves.

Buses will be provided to transport delegates to the venue.

You will have the opportunity to bring your outfit to the conference the day after the dinner so it can be redistributed to a local op shop.

All the info

Location: Picnic Point
When: Tuesday 5 December, 6.15pm til 11pm
Getting there: Buses will depart the three conference hotels at 6pm
Theme: OpenRemix, Reuse or Repurpose your outfit!