Evaluating the impact on students in a whole of school transition to a blended delivery mode

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Rebecca Scriven
Edith Cowan University

Angela Christiansen
Edith Cowan University

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Do students want flexible delivery of their learning materials? Do they know and understand the benefits of a blended learning (flipped classroom) model of curriculum delivery? In 2016, the School of Nursing & Midwifery introduced a new a blended learning model, in part to increase student engagement, address low student attendance at lectures, and to allow flexibility for their busy student cohort. Studies suggest flipped/blended learning in nurse education can promote important capabilities for nursing students.

This digital poster reports on the early stages of an ongoing project, evaluating the student’s experience of the changed delivery mode. The feedback from an online survey of the students allowed identification of issues and showed students were appreciative of the flexibility the blended model allowed in their learning.

About the authors

Rebecca Scriven

Rebecca Scriven is a Learning Designer with over 15 years experience providing teaching support and advising in the design of assessments, blended learning environments and the use of educational technologies. Rebecca currently supports the School of Nursing and Midwifery and is involved in projects including; moving the school to a blended learning curriculum, improving retention and employability skills, engaging students and improving the student experience.

Rebecca’s teaching and learning interests are in blended and flipped learning models, learning analytics, using social media tools to improve learning communities and implementing new educational technologies.