Me, us and IT: Developing approaches and support strategies for changing learning spaces

Lightning talks 2

Meredith Hinze
The University of Melbourne

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Tuesday 5 December, 12pm – 12.30pm
Stream 3
Room L206


The design of learning spaces is changing from the traditional lecture theatre style of academia. At the same time, some disciplines in Higher Education are seeing a shift in curriculum towards seminar-style teaching, with an intentional focus on active learning strategies to enhance teaching and learning. The redesign of learning spaces provides affordability for remodelling subjects. This presentation provides insight into professional development approaches and support strategies developed for staff to meet these challenges. It explores some of the eTeaching and eLearning support strategies to help teaching staff remodel their subjects for more active, seminar-styled approaches for teaching in the humanities and social science disciplines, in the redesigned learning spaces of the new Arts West building at The University of Melbourne.

About the authors

Meredith Hinze

Meredith is Manager of eLearning/eTeaching in the Faculty of Arts, at the University of Melbourne, and manages a small team that supports teaching staff integrate technology in teaching and learning. Meredith has a strong background in teaching digital media and ICT in the humanities and social sciences at both undergraduate and graduate levels, in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne. She also has over 20 years experience in providing ICT support and professional development training for academic staff, and over 15 years experience in IT & Web management, managing both large and complex websites as well as small project sites. She has special interests in social media and digital communications and their application in teaching and learning.