The Me, Us and IT of webinars for an ASCILITE SIG

Poster 16

Mathew Hillier
Monash University

Geoffrey Crisp
University of New South Wales

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Tuesday 5 December 3pm – 3.45pm

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Transforming Assessment, now the ASCILITE e-Assessment SIG, is in its eighth year. Following our 80th webinar we reflect on what has sustained the webinar series and provide guidance for running successful webinars. This update, extending from our 50th session (Crisp & Hillier 2013), comes at a time when ASCILITE SIGS are gaining momentum and looking to run their own webinars.

This digital poster presents three perspectives inspired by Harold Linstone’s Technical, Organisational and Personal (e.g. Linstone 1999), fitting well with the conference theme of Me, Us and IT. We cover the status of our SIG membership (Us) and patterns of engagement, the approach taken by the hosts and speakers (the Me-s) and an overview of the management and technology used to sustain and run the sessions (IT).

Monthly webinar notices on a range of assessment topics are a regular feature in the inboxes of over 2270 ‘Transforming Assessment’ update members from over 600 organisations in 69 countries and regions. People are motivated to be involved and return by the convenience of being globally connected from the comfort of their office, able to tap into the latest happenings and bench mark their assessment practice internationally in a way that is also time efficient (Hillier & Sheppard 2015). Technology underpins the connectivity between individuals and provides the virtual space where the group meets each month. Management processes and timelines leading to each session are designed to enhance the quality of the experience for both participants and speakers. Find us at

About the authors

Mathew Hillier

Dr Mathew Hillier is a Senior Lecturer in the Office of Learning and Teaching at Monash University.

Mathew is one of two co-leaders of the ASCILITE SIG for ‘e-Assessment’ and in this capacity is a co-host of the Transforming Assessment webinar series along with Prof Geoffrey Crisp.

He specialises in e-assessment and e-exams and teaches into the academic staff development program at Monash University leading the ‘technology and space’ theme. He has previously taught into Business, Information systems, Engineering and Arts programs at several universities in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Mathew is currently the leader of the ‘Transforming Exams’ project developing a toolset for authentic, computerised, high-stakes assessment (e-Exams). The project covers 10 university partners and is funded by a half-million dollar Australian government grant. He is also leading the development of a multi-language computerised exam platform for use in national professional translator accreditation. More about Mathew.

Geoffrey Crisp

Professor Geoffrey Crisp is Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education) at UNSW. He has portfolio responsibility for providing leadership in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives in learning and teaching. Geoff works in partnership with faculties, schools, divisions and student groups to drive enhancements to the student experience, educational and career outcomes via the enhancement of approaches to curriculum design and delivery, the effective use of online technologies, the design and management of effective learning environments for students and the development and renewal of academic policies and quality assurance processes. Geoff has held Australian Learning and Teaching Council Fellowships in 2006 and 2009, the latter where the Transforming Assessment webinars begun. Professor Crisp is a HERDSA Fellow and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. More about Geoff.