Throughout the year, we’ve been publishing blog posts about Toowoomba – where to eat, where to stay, what to do here – to help you plan your trip.

As we head into the final weekend before the conference, we thought we’d gather up all those useful posts in one place, so you’ve got a handy reference throughout the conference.

We’ve also summarised the information in these posts – particularly about places to eat, drink and get coffee, and how to get around Toowoomba – in the conference app.

What to expect in Toowoomba

Here’s some background on what to expect in Toowoomba, from weather to tap water (apparently ours is the best tasting in the country!).

Update: We also wanted to give you a heads up on the weather forecast for next week. Chances of rain are high – currently a 90% chance on Monday. We strongly recommend you bring a fold up umbrella with you to keep you dry as you move around campus.

Getting around Toowoomba

We haven’t blogged about getting around but it’s pretty important info, so we thought we’d include it here.

To get to and from the conference (including the conference dinner), we recommend catching the conference shuttle bus. Check out the timetable so you can plan your days.

If you’re driving, there is plenty of free parking on campus. Just check the signs to make sure you’re in the a free car park, and make sure you don’t park in assigned bays. There’s even free covered parking in the university’s new solar panel car park.

Uber operates in Toowoomba, and there’s a taxi service too. More info on the travel page.

Where to eat and drink

You might be surprised to know that Toowoomba has quite the culinary scene these days! We’ve given you a run down of our favourite haunts in the following posts:

What to do in Toowoomba

Looking for something to do before or after the conference? We’ve got you covered with these blog posts:

Still need more info?

If you have any questions about Toowoomba at any stage, we are more than happy to answer. You can

  • ask us via Twitter – just tag us in your tweet (we’re @asciliteconf).
  • talk to us in person at the conference – the Committee will all be wearing rainbow coloured lanyards, and volunteers will be wearing green tshirts. We’ll also have members of the Committee on the registration and speaker desks all day.
  • email us but note we’re likely to be running around a lot over the three days so responses may be a little delayed. Our email address is

We can’t wait to welcome you to USQ and Toowoomba on Monday!