A Complete Courseware Platform for Adaptive, Interactive Learning

Guest post from Ashley Coolman, Smart Sparrow

There’s a cheeky joke we’ve heard told about innovation in education: “If Isaac Newton rose from the grave and looked around, he would not recognise the way people work, communicate, or travel; but if he walked into a university he would feel right at home.” It’s exaggerated, but justly highlights that education has been historically slow to change.

Fortunately, we are in the midst of a pivotal time; forward-thinking universities are creating strategies to take advantage of new technology. Exciting advances now enable the previously unimaginable in teaching — you can take students on exploratory field trips across the world, or provide every individual with a personalised learning experience based on their performance. ASCILITE2017 is a perfect space for educators and technologists come together, discuss what technologies and pedagogies show real impact on teaching and learning, and mould the future of education, and Smart Sparrow is excited to join.

Smart Sparrow is an edtech company dedicated to empowering every educator with adaptive and interactive learning technology. Our courseware platform provides user-friendly tools (i.e. no developers necessary) to create learning experiences and analyse their impact — from a single assignment to a fully online course.

Learning innovation with Smart Sparrow looks like this:

  1. Create engaging and personalised lessons with the authoring tool — on your own or with the help of our award-winning Learning Design Studio.
  2. Share what you create to get feedback or encourage other instructors to use what you’ve developed (thus scaling great learning).
  3. Deploy lessons to students directly through the platform or integrate them with your LMS.
  4. Analyse student behaviour and results with the analytics and report dashboards to identify common misconceptions and at-risk learners.
  5. Continuously improve lessons to include the latest information from your field, revamp learning objectives and content, and create a better learning experience every term.

Smart Sparrow began as a research and development group in intelligent tutoring systems and educational data mining at UNSW Sydney. Now, we have over a decade of experience collaborating with universities to improve student outcomes with engaging and personalised learning experiences.

If you’re interested in bringing adaptive, interactive, and personalised learning to your classes, please visit Smart Sparrow at ASCILITE2017 or email contact@smartsparrow.com to set up a conversation.