Help us make ASCILITE 2017 great!

The intellectual strength of the ASCILITE 2017 conference derives in part from the rigour of our peer review process. We need your help to ensure we can review submissions and provide quality feedback to authors in a timely manner.

We're looking for people with a range of experience - academics, learning designers, educational technologists, librarians, teaching and learning scholars and more - to peer review submissions.

This year, we have invited submissions in a variety of formats, including:

  • Full papers
  • Concise papers
  • Digital posters
  • Debates
  • Lightning talks
  • Lightning rounds
  • Open fishbowls
  • Experimental sessions
  • Post conference workshops

Full papers, concise papers and digital posters will be double blind peer reviewed. All other submission types will be double peer (not blind) reviewed.

You can sign up to undertake double blind peer reviews, double (not blind) peer reviews, or both! If you choose to undertake double blind peer reviews, we'll allocate you 2 to 4 submissions in areas that match your expertise. If you'd rather undertake double (not blind) peer reviews, you'll be allocated between 4 and 6 submissions (these are shorter submissions) in areas that align with your expertise.

Many hands make light work, and a robust review process makes for a great conference! Please consider raising your hand to review for ASCILITE 2017. We'd love to have you on board!

Find out more or sign up to review now!