Important information about ASCILITE 2017 submission requirements

We've had a few questions about ASCILITE submission requirements and we've received a couple of submissions that are incomplete, so we thought we'd highlight a few key points about the submission requirements for this year's conference. If you intend on making a submission, please read on.

What to submit

This is not an abstract-only submission.

All submission types require an extended submission beyond an abstract. These submission requirements vary, and they are all outlined on the submission guidelines page. We have also updated the submission templates to include details on exactly what you need to submit for every submission type. Unfortunately, this means there is a lot of preamble at the start of the templates, but hopefully it will make it easier for you to pull together the content required for the various types of submissions.

Submission templates

There are two submission templates:

One submission template for double blind peer reviewed submissions, which you should use for

  • Full papers
  • Concise papers
  • Digital posters

One submission template for double peer (not blind) reviewed submissions, which you should use for

  • Debate
  • Lightning Talk
  • Lightning Round
  • Fishbowl
  • Experimental Session
  • Workshop (post conference)

We have developed 'minimalist templates' to make it as easy as possible for you to submit. That means we aren't asking you to do any kind of fancy formatting. All you need to do is make sure you use:

  • Arial 10 point font
  • Single line spacing
  • APA 6th style for referencing

That's it!

How to make your submission

Just fill out the fields on the submission template, add your submission content, and submit via EasyChair. All the details are on the Call for Participation page, and we've developed a guide to using EasyChair to help you use the system.

If you have any questions at all about making your submission, don't hesitate to contact the committee. You can email us at