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Does this submission make you want to spin your chair around like Delta? Tips for peer reviewing

Over the next couple of days, we're allocating submissions to the many ASCILITE reviewers who have stepped up to review for this year's conference. We've prepared Reviewer Guidelines and EasyChair Instructions for Reviewers to help our reviewers work through their allocated submissions. And to inspire our fearless reviewers as they embark on their reviews, Organising Committee member Professor Shelley Kinash is up on the blog today to share some tips for peer reviewing.

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10 reasons why I am submitting a paper to ASCILITE 2017 (by next Monday 5 June!)

There is one week to go until the ASCILITE 2017 call for participation closes! To spur you on with making your submission, today Professor Shelley Kinash is sharing ten reasons why she is submitting a paper to ASCILITE 2017.

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Three reasons reviewing papers is good for you (and an update on the call for reviewers)

Let’s be honest: reviewing papers takes time, and although in theory many academics are allocated hours to engage in “service” activities, in reality most of us need to squeeze it in around all the other calls on our time.

So why do it? Here are three reasons why I think reviewing papers is good for us.

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Deadline extended: call for participation

We've had a few requests for extensions on submissions for ASCILITE 2017 so we've decided to extend the deadline for the call for participation til 5 June 2017.

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My top 5 things to do while you’re in Toowoomba

My early memories of Toowoomba are of a loveable, sleepy country town. But, the “Garden City” has long outgrown this image, boasting a revamped and relaxed CBD, craft beer houses, music, art, modern dining and the hub of a region that has so much to explore and enjoy. If you have 1 or 2 days after the conference, consider exploring the National Parks, historic farms and eateries in the Darling Downs… It’s so difficult to choose but my 5 top things to do while you are in the Toowoomba region are:

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My top five reasons to love Toowoomba

ASCILITE 2017 is coming to my home town, and I couldn’t be more excited. I grew up on the Darling Downs, did my high-schooling in Toowoomba, but never actually lived “in town” until three years ago, when I moved back home with my young family. I moved for the free babysitting really, but I stay for a whole lot more than that. My top five reasons to love Toowoomba - both as a place to live and a place to visit (say, for a conference) are...

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Why I go to the ASCILITE conference

Each year from October onwards, I start getting excited about the ASCILITE conference happening late November or early December. This is a place where I can get together with my tribe, lament the institutional politics and hang with a group who are grappling with the same challenges that I am. Sometimes it’s a reality check: seeing where other institutions are up to, what other people at my level are doing, and catching up with what’s what in the sector.

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